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About two weeks ago, my social media channels began blowing up. I couldn’t escape it… Friends, family, and readers of this blog wrote in, sending their requests, and now it’s happening.  We’re reviewing Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos.

As of this writing, the Mac n’ Cheetos have been on the market at select Burger King locations for just over a week.  But in the week’s prior to it’s release, there could not have been more speculation and conversation around these cheesy fried noodle sticks.

There is certainly a new war going on in the fast food industry, and with reason.  Restaurants attempting to out innovate each other in creating viral buzz about their foods.  Who can best make use of Sriracha? What about late night cheese slathered meat boxes?  The list goes on.

And then comes Burger King.  I can’t say this is anything but genius.  Despite the food being good or bad, they’ve managed to create such a buzz that this will be a popular item on their menu for the limited time it’s released.

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It all starts with a Cheeto though.  A popular snack food invented in 1948 in San Antonio, Texas.  These cheesy puffs of goodness are created by blending corn and water, then heating them under high pressure.  Once in contact with hot air, steam causes the mixture to expand, creating their unique shape.  Then they are put in to a tumbler with cheese flavoring – or one of many other flavors Frito Lay offers globally.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who speaks completely ill of these delicious cheese puffs.

But the idea of adding mac and cheese to  the Cheeto – that takes the cheesiness to a whole new level.

The Mac n’ Cheetos come 5 to a box.  The box warns on the back that these are ridiculously cheesy.

People actually like Burger King's Cheeto-dusted mac and cheese ...

Upon taking the Mac n’ Cheetos out of the box, you can get a sense of the sheer density each Cheeto has. They are not light and fluffy like the Cheetos we’ve come to know and love.

5 things to know about Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos - al.com

The crust on the outside of the Mac n’ Cheetos was firm, and unlike a Cheeto, my fingers were not left with an orange dust coating.

Burger King has created Cheeto-dusted mac 'n' cheese bites… and ...

Biting through the crust led to a gooey Mac n’ Cheese center.  Overall though, the Mac n’ Cheese it’s self left much to be desired.  The pasta was over cooked to the point of mush, and the inner cheese was too light in flavor to hold up against the sharper outside crust.

Burger King presenta sus nuevos Mac n' Cheetos y se convierten en ...

Overall, this was a unique experience.  It will be interesting to see how long these last on the market, and if Burger King will take these on to the next level… Mac n’ Cheeto Whopper anyone?

Burger King definitely thought out of the box with these Mac n ...


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These definitely were interesting, though I think they could have been done much better.

If Burger King could have taken the pasta, made it a little more Al Dente, paired up with a sharper cheese, and then maybe found a way to make the crust a little lighter, they'd definitely have a solid winner on their hands.

For now, I'd say these are just 'meh'.

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