Why are you doing this?

There’s a lot of really bad food on the market. Someone needs to review it.

How do you find the foods that you’re reviewing?

Mostly I browse my local supermarket, convenience and discount stores. I keep an eye out for anything that may sound repulsive. I’ve also had suggestions from friends and family.

How do the ratings work?

I’ve chosen the EAT method of reviewing:

  • Execution – how well does the food accomplish what it’s set out to accomplish?
  • Appearance – how does it look?
  • Taste – how does it taste?

Each category is given a rating of 1 to 5 shits. The more shits, the shittier the food is.

The categories are then averaged for the overall score.

Can you review __________?

Email suggestions to [email protected]. I may not get to all foods, but definitely they will be considered!

You should go to the (insert ethnicity here) store!

While it’s undoubtable that every ethnicity has their fair share of shitty food, what one culture may seem as shitty, another culture may see as a delicacy. Being that I’m not equipped to navigate the complexities of some foreign cuisines, I’ve chosen to avoid stores that cater specially to one culture or ethnicity.

Got a shitty food recommendation?

Email [email protected]