Jimmy Dean Pancake & Sausage On a Stick

Someone once said food tastes better on a stick.  The folks at Jimmy Dean, famous for their mass marketed breakfast sausage, are putting that to the test.

Possibly inspired by McDonald’s “put as much breakfast into one bite” McGriddle, Jimmy Dean has taken two of breakfast’s long standing pillars, sausage and pancakes, and singularly packaged them into America’s favorite way to eat. Jimmy Dean has released 4 versions of the Pancake & Sausage on a Stick: OriginalBlueberryApple Cinnamon, and Very Berry.  I had seen Original and Blueberry on the shelf at my grocery store recently, and decided to purchase Blueberry for this review.

Upon opening one of the individually wrapped corndog like pancake/sausage (I’ll refer to it as a corndog for the remainder of this review), I was immediately hit with a sickly sweet smell, reminiscent of starburst candy and rotting fruit.  While I suspected the blueberry would add a sweet flavor, the smell was not something I was prepared for.  Microwaving the corndog for the recommended 55 seconds, only served to intensify the smell.  I continued my analysis with the kitchen windows open.

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Pancakes are best when fluffy on the inside, and just slightly crispy on the outside. The pancake around this sausage corndog felt like a wet sponge, soggy to the touch.  This could possibly have been avoided by baking the frozen corndog in the oven, however my assumption is that Jimmy Dean designed these convenient breakfast abominations with a microwave dependent consumer in mind.  To write an accurate review, I would need to prepare it with this in mind.

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Biting into the corndog, I revisited an earlier question I had as to whether or not to put syrup on as I would with a pancake.  Fortunately I decided to taste the corndog without adding syrup as the first bite assaulted my mouth with an overbearing sweetness.  A maple syrup flavor permeated my tastebuds as it battled with the rancid garbage essence of blueberry.

While it may be quick to blame the sweetness on the pancake, the sausage it’s self had no redeeming qualities to counter balance the sweetness.  Should it have had some saltiness or bitterness to balance the sweet, and create something a little more savory, it may have been bearable. Instead, we are further subjected to a sweet candied meat core.

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Upon completing the tasting portion of my analysis, I sat silent for a good 10 minutes.  Having eaten this hot dumpster breakfast food failure, I wept for the children who’s parents thought this would be a good quick hot breakfast. My heart grew heavy for the young single college guy who found this on a clearance aisle and told themselves the 6 grams of protein per serving advertised on the box equated to a healthier option than their regular morning breakfast of stale peanut butter Captain Crunch.


The best thing the Jimmy Dean Pancake & Sausage on a Stick has going for it is it's appearance. Who doesn't love a corn dog? This is exactly what you're expecting, much like the breakfast burrito, a typically dinner consumed food transformed into something with a breakfast spin. However, this was a risk, and sometimes risks fall flat.

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